Preventing Viruses on your network:
With as much as 10% of email now containing a virus, regularly updated protection is critical for your business. IT4U offer a range of virus protection solutions, for single computers through to large networks with many servers. In addition we offer a monthly subscription service to have your email scanned and viruses removed before they even arrive at your site. Please contact IT4U today if you are interested in discussing your Virus Protection requirements.

Stop Spam clogging up your email:
Spam is an ever increasing problem for today’s businesses. IT4U can improve the effectiveness of existing anti-spam functionality, or provide enhanced facilities. An alternative is for IT4U to block most spam and viruses before forwarding it to your site and is offered as a monthly subscription service.

Register a Domain Name for your business today:
IT4U make it straightforward to register, own and manage a domain name. This allows you to have business personalised email addresses and a web site. If requested customers have a secure login so that they can change DNS information for their domain names.

Host your web site with us in our secure data centre:
IT4U offer a range of hosting options in a secure data centre with redundant links and firewall protection. We can host your web site providing FTP access allowing you to update when necessary. Solutions for larger customers can be tailored to specific requirements. Contact us to discuss options in more detail.

How confident are you about the quality of your backups:
Businesses often discover that their backups are incomplete or not working at all, when they attempt to restore from a backup. Unfortunately it can then be too late to recover the customer’s data. IT4U can check your backup’s are running correctly and perform a test restore to ensure all is working correctly. We can also advise on best working practices regarding backing up your data. For customers who do not have a dedicated backup device we offer an online backup facility. Contact us to discuss your backup requirements in more fully.

Is your Email working for you:
Email is rapidly becoming the primary method of communication for most businesses. Is yours working efficiently and meeting your needs? IT4U can maintain and enhance a wide variety of email solutions. We also offer a hosted Exchange Server email facility which is ideal for small companies with several offices or with remote workers. We take care of backups and virus-protection so you have less to worry about. A licence for Outlook 2003 is included for each user and web mail is available. If you are a existing customer click here to connect now.