Need help setting up a router:
IT4U offer configuration and management for most types of current routers. In depth experience is available on Cisco routers used in medium to large businesses and the Vigor range for smaller clients.

Is your network performing well:
IT4U have experience with both managed and unmanaged network switches. We can help ensure your network is running at optimum performance and make any necessary recommendations to reduce bottlenecks.

How secure is your network:
For many businesses, keeping a network secure can be difficult. IT4U specialise in the configuration of firewalls and other security devices so as to keep your network safe.

Do you need remote access to your office:
Most Microsoft server systems include the option to set up secure remote access. This allows staff, who are not in the office to connect over the internet and send/receive files and email. Forward thinking businesses are improving their productivity and efficiency using this technology. Call IT4U today to find out the cost of configuring remote working for your network.

More than one office? Are they connected:
A businesses with two or more offices can use secure connections across the internet as a cost effective-way of linking their networks. Once connected, employees in different offices can access common information, communicate better thus improving productivity and efficiency. IT4U has experience configuring secure connections across the internet (VPN) for UK and international businesses.

Need a Wireless Network:
Wireless networks are becoming more popular where mobility or short term connectivity is required. The major challenge with this type of network is security. IT4U can configure wireless network’s using the latest security features and encryption technology.

A connection to the internet is crucial for most businesses:
IT4U will assist you to choose a connection which is appropriate for your business in terms of cost, performance and provider.

Do you need a SSL certificate for your website?
As a Thawte Reseller IT4U can provide the full range of 1 or 2 year security
certificates at competitive prices.

Do you want to reduce your phone bill:
The use of voice over the internet (VOIP) for telephone calls will soon become more common then using a traditional line. This technology uses the internet to transfer national and international phone calls thus dramatically reducing the cost.